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The Life of TriPod – a natural born tripawd Golden Retriever

Jan 26

Bath Day

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Well today my human mom took me to my first appointment with a “groomer”. It was a little scary at first but that didn’t last long because in a matter of no time everyone there was fussing over how cute I am, how sweet and what a good boy I am.

Awww shucks if I could have blushed I would have.

They were really nice and got my coat clean and shiny. They took extra care and clipped the excess hair around my pads and toes and put special cream on my pads to keep them from cracking. Mom usually gives me a bath (which I like) but thought this would help socialize me a little more. I guess I did good because she was very proud of me and called me her  “handsome boy” when she picked me up. My birth mom (Dakota)  went with me too so I wasn’t so scared. We got to go inside the store and walk around after our baths. SO many interesting and yummy spells! My human mom held on to Dakota’s leash and Dakota held on to my while we walked and hopped around. Everyone thought it was pretty cute.

I even got to sit nicely for a little girl while she petted my nice clean coat. When she first saw me I could tell she wasn’t sure what to say because of my missing leg. She asked her mom why I only had three legs. My human mom told her I was born like this  and asked if she would like to pet me.

I’m really not sure what the big fuss is about me only having three legs….I mean really ……..humans only have two so I am still one up on them!

Time to go outside for a potty break……………..and maybe see if I can find a mud puddle somewhere 😉

Until next time…………………..

TriPod (Mr. T)

“Living life to the fullest……………… hop at a time”

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  1. wyattraydawg
    6:10 am - 1-30-2013

    Duuuuude, I NEVER get a bath like that. My Momma calls me “wash and wear” and the fanciest she gets with me is a good ol’ Furminator session. I’m jealous of your spaw day, I’m telling Mom I want one.

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