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The Life of TriPod – a natural born tripawd Golden Retriever

Feb 28

Wow what a weekend! As many of you know Team TriPod participated in the Morris Animal Foundation K9 Cancer walk this past weekend in San Marcos, Ca.

We headed out on Friday and after 6 and half hours of driving we finally reached our destination. 2 tired humans and 3 well rested pups.

We checked in at Hotel Indigo Del Mar and settled in to our room for a good nights rest. What a beautiful place to stay and completely dog friendly.

Saturday morning we headed out for the K9 Cancer walk in San Marcos. Once we arrived we were immediately greeted by some of Wonder J’s friends who came to walk with us as part of Team TriPod.

MAF Sign

There was an estimated 500 walkers with their pups and what a variety there was….big ones, little ones, short ones, tall ones, supporters and survivors….all coming together to show our support to find a Cure. Tpod mom and Wonder J’s mom made these PAWsome Memory Capes for us to wear to honor pets who have been affect by cancer. (If you would like your pet name added please email me:



As the walk began tpod mom told our team that we would probably be last because while it was a nice day a mile and a half is pretty far to hop without taking some breaks. She told them to just go ahead and we would be there eventually. We hopped and walked while occasionally taking¬† a break. We shared my story numerous times……most people assumed I had lost my leg to cancer but tpod mom told them my story and off we would go again.


Eventually as predicted we were far behind but slow and steady wins the race. As we turned the corner for the last leg of the walk a nice young man came walking up to see if we were ok because our team was a little worried about us. tpod mom told him we were just taking our time….he walked the rest of the way with us. As we came across the parking lot there was a whole group of young men wearing the same MAF volunteer shirts as the young man who walked in with us. They all started clamping for me and tpod mom let me go so I could run over and meet them. They gave me lots of rubs and some water. Come to find out they were Marines from Camp Pendleton who volunteer for the event every year. HOW COOL IS THAT?! We should have been clapping for them and they were clapping for little ol’ me……


Once we got back and got settled in they started doing the awards. To our surprise Team TriPod got the award for “Top Individual Fundraiser”……WOW we weren’t expecting that. Thanks to all of our friends and followers we raised $2,020! We were part of Team Southern California Golden Retriever Rescue which was the second place team overall for fundraising. The total raised just on this walk so far is $36,625. Donations can still be made for another 2 weeks.


Team SCGRR Award


After a nap at the hotel we went to the dog beach and we got to run around and play in the surf. Then back to the hotel where meant up with some of our friends from the walk. Remington and Luka (tripawd) were there…they live with Angel Buddy Golden’s mom now. And Beans the Whippet was there too.¬† A great evening of food, friends and conversation around a fire pit. Doesn’t get much better than that……..or does it ;)……………..


A good night sleep refreshed us and after a yummy breakfast we headed to the dog waterpark. Can you believe that!? A waterpark just for pups!!!……it was the most PAWsome time ever. A built in pool with a dock diving ramp, a shallow end and a deeper end. Talk about crazy fun……OMD …..I never wanted to leave.

brunch2 - Copy brunch

parkk2 - Copy park

So my fellow friends and tripawds I will now close but not before I once again say THANK YOU! To everyone who supported Team TriPod.

Captain T Pod
“Superhero Against K9 Cancer”

“Living Life to the Fullest…..One Hop at a Time”



4 comments so far

  1. maximutt
    3:19 pm - 2-28-2014

    Wow, T-Pod, it sounds like you had an absolutely wonderful time!! And congrats on being the top fundraiser!! What a great job you did! And what an honor to have Marines cheering you on at the end of the walk! You are a very special guy! I don’t know if your weekend could have gotten any better! Oh wait, it did!! Where the heck is that dog waterpark?!?! Sounds like a really fun place!! Way to go T-Pod!!!

  2. jerry
    6:15 pm - 3-1-2014

    Oh WOWWWWWEEEEE Mr. T!!! A super duper big congratulations to all of you and your pals who worked so hard to help Morris end cancer, but we give an extra giant THANK YOU to you and your momma for all of your devotion and dedication to putting a stop to this disease. What a huge accomplishment!

    You never stop surprising us, really, you and your Mom are a truly amazing duo who is changing the world with every single hop you take. Thank you so very much.

    The walk looked like a BLAST! I wish we could have been there but your post sure makes us feel like we were. We’ve actually stayed at that hotel before, it IS super nice isn’t it?! OH what is the name of that dog water park? Sounds really neat.

    You guys rock. Stay tuned for a big Tripawds news blog post about your accomplishment. More people definitely need to know about this! xoxo

  3. Codie Rae
    5:38 pm - 3-16-2014

    Hey Mr. T,
    A big LATE, but heartfelt congratulations and THANK YOU for all your hard work! You and your mom R.O.C.K!

    • tpodmom
      7:45 am - 3-17-2014

      Thanks Codie Rae! But it was definitely not done all on our own. We couldn’t have done it without all the support of
      so many PAWmazing friends and supporters. It was a lot of work but completely worth it.


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