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The Life of TriPod – a natural born tripawd Golden Retriever

Feb 19

Wow I can’t believe it has been 6 years since we last posted a Blog post! That’s just crazy!

TriPod had just turned 4 the last time we posted and now he is a Senior dog at the age of 9.

Where does all the time go?!

His face is starting to show some gray around the eyes and he has slowed down some but he is still as happy and sweet as ever.

We are a certified Therapy Dog team with the Alliance of Therapy dogs and do at least one or two local visits a month. It is something he loves to do but at the same time I have to not over do it with him.

Even though we haven’t been on here for some time we never miss an opportunity to let people dealing with possible amputations or limp birth defects know about the Tripawds site and the wonderful community here. Including leaving flyers with our local veterinary offices.

We have made a few long time friends from here that are on TriPod’s Facebook pages so we stay in contact with them. This is truly a unique place with some amazing people and pets. If you are new here….welcome! If you have been around a long time …… it feels really good to back in the company of family.

Denna & TriPod

“living life to the fullest… hop at a time”

5 comments so far

  1. Michelle
    12:49 am - 2-19-2020

    Glad to see you back and Tripod is such a handsome boy 🙂 I keep track of you on his page

    Michelle & Angels Sassy, Bosch & Simba.

    • tpodmom
      5:58 am - 2-19-2020

      It’s good to be back. We follow you as well. This is just such a great community of people.

  2. benny55
    1:57 am - 2-19-2020

    OOOOOMMMMDDDD! This is such a treat to hear from Mr T! And to see that picture now as such a handsome man, compared to that little bundle of three legged fluff….spectacular!!

    And yes, we reference TriPod often here when youngsters have “leg issues” as puppies😎 He truly is an inspiration and always will be!!!

    I know he is doing a wonderful job as a therapy dog and touching lives in ways you may never know.❤

    It was just wonderful hearing from you and TriPod. Destiny, Divine intervention, whatever you want to call it, you two were born to be earth partners with each other😎


    Sally and Alumni Happy Hannah and Merry Myrtle and Frankie too!

    • tpodmom
      5:57 am - 2-19-2020

      It’s so good to be back! I told Rene in an email just now that it’s like coming home after a long trip away.

  3. jerry
    12:55 am - 2-20-2020

    Awwww handsome TPod, you look so distinguished and mature. I can’t believe you’re not that young puppy anymore but if you ask me you’re even MORE pawsome! It’s good to see you and your maw here.

    Many people have told us that when someone doesn’t post on their blog in a long time they wonder what happened to the Tripawd. I like to tell them that we always assume no news is good news. So thanks for the reassurance. You are ROCKIN the life!

    Thanks for spreading the word and for your generous support. We are furever grateful.



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