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The Life of TriPod – a natural born tripawd Golden Retriever

Jan 09

To say Barney has been as slacker as of late would be an understatement!! The little Purple Dude has done nothing but eat and sleep ever since Christmas! Sooooooooooooo……..

tpod mom and I decided it was time he got off his lazy little purple butt and go to work for change! tpod mom works for a plastic injection molding company so we decided there should be something he could do to earn his keep.

IMG_3599[1]Safety first ! We made sure Barney put on his seat belt.


Since “someone” hasn’t had his coffee yet I guess it’s up to me to carry him inside……he is in NO shape to walk just yet!


After his 3rd cup of coffee he was finally able to think about working…..


Ok well maybe not…..I think someone had a little too much coffee!!

IMG_3605[1] IMG_3606[1]IMG_3607[1]

Barney had WAY to much coffee!! He was bouncing off the walls so for now it is up to me to hold him down and keep him out of trouble. Auntie Muncie is not amused by his antics …….she’s pretty sure we should have left him at home.

That’s it for now folks……Once Barney manages to get his act together we will go out in the plant and do some work and meet the guys. Hopefully, I can keep him out of trouble…..will post more later!


Living life to the fullest…… hop at a time”




4 comments so far

  1. jerry
    8:53 pm - 1-9-2014

    Wheeeeeee! There’s no holding Barney back now!

    Glad you got him to earn his keep, he can sure do the couch-surfing thing really well can’t he?

  2. Kris Moore Herweyer
    9:10 pm - 1-9-2014

    Can’t wait to read about Barney’s experiences at work.. Tri Pod does have his hands (mouth) full with keeping control of Barney that’s for sure !!

  3. Michelle
    11:33 pm - 1-9-2014

    Can’t wait to see what Barney has up his sleeve. Wait he is naked where are his clothes???? Tpod did you eat them?? We think he needs an outfit or a t-shirt from you 🙂

    Michelle & Angel Sassy

  4. jerry
    6:11 am - 1-10-2024

    OH Barney! Oh TPod! We sure miss you boys but dang what good times we had together, didn’t we? Thank you for putting smiles on our faces then and now. Our life is hoppier because you were (and still are) in it! LOVE YOU!!!!

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