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The Life of TriPod – a natural born tripawd Golden Retriever

Dec 23

Sorry we haven’t had any updated Barney info for you but tpod mom has been out of commission for a few days. She had to have toof surgery and since I don’t have thumbs it’s kinda hard to do this on my own….

I have been letting Barney lay low for a few days. It is my way of lulling him into a false sense of security. 😉 I have even snuggled him a few nights to make him think things were safe……

Little does he know!! You are not going to believe what is in store for the lil purple dude tomorrow!! All I can say is it’s gonna be crazy……..

Stay tuned….


Mr. T

‘living life to the fullest….one hop at a time”


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  1. jerry
    5:12 am - 12-23-2013

    Ohhh ouch! Toof surgery is the worst! I hope she feels better Mr. T. Maybe she should save some of her novacaine for Barney, he’s gonna need it!

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