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Nov 21

‘Tis the season….full of family, fun, presents and new beginnings.

Many of us look forward to the approaching holidays but for many it is not always happy.

Life often slaps us in the face with things we have not planned for and don’t want to deal with. Unfortunately, that is life. But even in these times of darkness and despair there is always good to be found…..we just have to look for it. It may not be the answer we want but if we just open our hearts it may be the answer we need. is run by a few dedicated individuals who devote countless hours to bring much needed information and resources to fur parents facing amputation , dealing with cancer and coping with loss. Not something one necessarily wants to think about during this holiday season. But the reality is these issues don’t take a break for the holidays.

So many people who come to this site need that kind word and emotional support. It doesn’t matter that we don’t know each other or probably will never meet. What does matter is that someone…somewhere cares. Cares enough to offer a kind word or encouragement or to share in the pain of a loss.

So this holiday season during all the hustle and bustle, take a few minuets to log-on to this site….find a blog and respond to it. You may just be the one person that makes the difference for that person or that family.

We may live near or far, we are spread throughout the whole world, but we ALL have one thing that brings us together and makes us a family and that is our beloved pets.

Not everyone can show financial support but we all can share emotional support and encouragement. If you have been blessed with some extra funds this year find a local shelter to help out or make a donation to the ASPCA, the Morris Animal Foundation or a host of other worthy animal organizations. Never think a donation is too small. There is strength in numbers. We can ALL make a difference.

We sincerely wish each and everyone of you a Hoppy Holiday season!

A special thanks to the team for all you do!

Best wishes to one and all!

TriPod and Denna

saving the world




4 comments so far

  1. penny4weims
    2:33 am - 11-22-2013

    That was wonderful and so true. I’m a big fan of Morris Animal Foundation. People get so wrapped up in what presents to get and running around. Holidays are a nutty time. You’re right, emotional support is everything especially if you have lost a loved person or pet. Thanks for reminding us.
    Penny, Blink and Spirit Maggie

  2. fourminipups
    3:35 am - 11-22-2013

    Perfectly said. It was the reason I stay here. I was helped so much that if I can make a small difference just once it is all worht it. Besides, what great people I have met on here!


  3. benny55
    4:58 am - 11-22-2013

    Ditto Luanne and Penny And these two souls and their beloved pets are my family and friends. The same is true for everyne I’ve ad the privilege to be on this journey withthrough

    We com e here because our dogs and cats almost all have “that” horrid disease and almost all face amputation. We laugh together, we cry together, we celebrate First poops ad first pees after surgey……yeah, that too!

    But most of all, we learn to be more dog! We learn to live in the now! And we learn the power of love shows up from coplete strangers when we need it most.

    And Deena is an example of the love and kindness and suport we give each other everyday on the tripawds site
    Thank you Deena for taking the time to beatifully articulate what thissite means to us and what Jim and Rene have created.

    You are very kind.

    Love and light to you and TriPod!

    Sally and Happy Hannah

  4. jerry
    7:57 pm - 11-24-2013

    Ohhhhh you guys, I waited to read this till I had a moment to concentrate on it and I’m so glad you did. You are so kind, thank you very, very much for all of the love. And you said it so well, better than we ever could, about taking time to do something and make a difference for someone. It’s so important all year long but especially now during the holidays. Thank you for encouraging all of us to brighten this world as much as we can.

    It’s the wonderful, caring and kind people like you Dena and Mr. T., who spread love and hoppiness around the globe and here in our very special community. We are blessed beyond belief to have you here.

    xoxo and Hoppy Howlidays to you too!

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