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The Life of TriPod – a natural born tripawd Golden Retriever

Feb 01



Today was a good day to be me!

Yea so I pulled the three-legged dog sympathy card today and got to hang out with mom all day! Just me and her.

I even got to ride in the front seat and rest my head out the window as we drove.

It was a nice sunny day. A little cool but the sun still felt really good as we were driving along.

Got a bug up my nose but it was totally worth it!

Until next time……………..

Mr. T ……….

“Living life to the fullest……………….one hop at a time”

tmrt mrt2

4 comments so far

  1. fetchon3
    2:19 pm - 2-1-2013

    Is he licking his nose in that bottom picture? If so, what a shot! What a pal! So cute, TriPod!

    • tpodmom
      8:29 pm - 2-1-2013

      Yes he is….I didn’t even notice it until I enlarged the picture. He is such a sweet boy!

  2. blackdogcompanion
    4:24 pm - 2-1-2013

    Looks like a great day 🙂

  3. wyattraydawg
    9:37 pm - 2-3-2013

    Good times Tripod. I love road trips too!

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