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The Life of TriPod – a natural born tripawd Golden Retriever

Jan 23

Hi there! My name is TriPod. I am a three legged Golden Retriever. I know my name may not seem very original and some people may not like it but it is MY name and I wear it proudly! Not just any ole run of the mill dog can have a name like mine. You have to be special and deserving to have such a name.

Unlike many others who have had to undergo surgery as a result of injury or illness I was born with three legs and a fin (that’s what I call it).

I guess I am what you would call a “natural born” tripawd. For me there has never been any adjustment because this is all I have ever known.

My Tpod Mom found the site and thought it was a good way to learn and share with others the joy and concerns of having a tripawd. And a way for her to learn about ways she can take care of me better.

I just turned two on January 17, 2013 and just recently came back home to my birth family. My story goes like this:

I was born in a litter of 10. There were 6 boys and 4 girls. The doc said there probably wasn’t enough room or something restricted the growth of my right front leg so I only have a little shoulder. (My fin). At first it was a little tough getting around but once I figured it out I was off and running just like the rest of my brothers and sisters. We grew fast and soon we were all finding new homes and families to love us. I went with one of my brothers to live with someone who was supposed to give me a forever home. Everyone who took one of us was told that if “for any reason” they could not keep us they were supposed to bring us back to our birth family and they would make sure we got a good place to live. Well for some reason my family could not take care of me but did not return me to my birth family. Instead they gave me to another family who couldn’t keep me, who gave me to another family who couldn’t keep me. I wasn’t mistreated at all but really needed a forever home. The last family that had me ended up taking me to a local private shelter. And it was through a series of events that I ended up being found by my birth family.

One of the nice ladies that volunteered at the shelter really liked me so she took a video and posted it on her facebook page for her friends to see. She was hoping to find a family to adopt me. As it turned out a friend of her’s saw the video and that friend was a friend of someone from my birth family. She called the owner of my birth mom and the next thing I knew they were at the shelter and taking me home. They talked to the lady that had the shelter and told her they would foster me until they could find someone who would give me my forever home.

As soon as I got back to my birth home I got to see my mom, my gramma and my auntie. They were all so happy to see me and knew right away who I was. I was so excited because we had lots of room to run and play and roll around.

The man at the house kept telling everyone “now he’s just staying until you find him a good home right?” but I was really hoping I was going to get to stay. Over the next couple of weeks I was on my very best behavior making sure that I didn’t tear anything up, get too excited or get in trouble. I always made sure when the man sat down to watch TV to slither slowly into his lap and put my head under his hand. He would pet me and keep telling everyone “we are NOT keeping this dog.”

Life for me was changing quickly. I went from staying home alone most days to going to workΒ  with my auntie and human mom almost everyday! I love to ride in the car and am a very good boy when I do. Jumping in the back….no problem! When I am at work I get to hang out under my human mom’s desk and snooze on a nice comfy pad. We go outside a couple of times during the day and the guys who work there come in and rub me and talk to me everyday. It is a very dog friendly place!

About a week before Christmas I was snuggled up on the sofa with my human mom when the man told her he hadn’t gotten her a Christmas present yet. She was rubbing my head and didn’t even miss a beat when she said “There’s no need to get me a Christmas present because he is laying right here in my lap.” My heart skipped a beat! Was it truly possible that I was going to get to stay here forever?

The man just rolled his eyes and said “why did I know the minute that dog came into the house he was never leaving?” He wasn’t being mean. In fact, he was smiling when he said it. He just said OK but NO MORE DOGS after this one! MY DREAM HAD COME TRUE!Β  I was back in my forever home. My birth home. With my birth mom, gramma, auntie, my human mom and my human sister.

So that’s my story to this point. I will keep you posted as my journey continues. My human mom will probably give you some insight once in awhile too. Hopefully, not when I do something bad. (which isn’t very often) but hey I’m a dog what can I say……..

Until next time….


“Living life to the fullest……one hop at a time”

Muddy TpodBaby Tpod

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  1. Karen Bayus
    2:40 pm - 1-23-2013

    Cute story and pics Denna. So glad he is home with his family that love and care for him so much.

  2. Dakota Dawg
    3:54 pm - 1-23-2013

    Hello T, and welcome! You and my angel dog Dakota have a few things in common! He was a Golden mix; he became a tripawd, and he lived with us for over 10 years hearing us say every so often, “As soon as he’s healthy he’s getting a new home.”

    I’m glad you’re with your first family but more than anything I’m glad you don’t have to move around any longer. It’s hard on a youngster to have so many adjustments to make and so many new rules to learn. You will probably blossom now that you’re settled. And wanted! Don’t forget that part. You’ll show your human dad that you are the best gift that he could receive, too! Make a believer out of him, boy!


    • tpodmom
      5:18 am - 1-26-2013

      Thanks Shari! Another thing we have in common is my birth mom’s name is Dakota! I am so glad to be back home with her. We wrestle and play a lot. Although she still treats me like a baby sometimes and holds me down and cleans my ears…but it’s ok I kind of like it πŸ™‚ And yes I am working hard to make my human dad a believer……I think it’s working πŸ˜‰ he likes for me to lay on the couch next to him when he watches TV.

      TriPod (Mr. T)

      “Living life to the fullest… hop at a time”

  3. admin
    5:31 pm - 1-23-2013

    Welcome Mr. T, and thank you very much for your Tripawds Supporter III Blog upgrade subscription!

    We like your attitude and are happy to have you here. Keep on hoppin’ – we look forward to following your three legged adventures. πŸ™‚

  4. Tannette Fitzpatrick
    6:09 pm - 1-23-2013

    First, thank you for a wonderful story. How this dog had so many homes amazes me…how could anyone give up that face!!! But karma has a way of working, he must have known that the other owners were not right for him.
    I too am a parent of a Tripawd and thank you for the love you have shown Tripod; and may your story inspire others to do the same.


    • tpodmom
      7:46 pm - 1-23-2013

      Thanks Tannett! We look forward to sharing our story and learning from others.

  5. maximutt
    7:31 pm - 1-23-2013

    TriPod, it sounds like you have a very smart mama! I’m so glad you have found your furever home! I can’t wait to hear more about your adventures!!

    • tpodmom
      7:48 pm - 1-23-2013

      Thank you! I am looking forward to hearing other amazing three legged stories as well. Love those blue eyes!

  6. jerry
    7:54 pm - 1-23-2013

    Oh TriPod, you have a GREAT name and your amazing story to your perfect family has my Momma going “awwwwwwww!”

    I’m so glad you came here to share your life with us because something tells me you are gonna have a lot of cool adventures with your forever family. Pictures, videos, we want the works!

    And thank you SO MUCH for your support of the Tripawds Nation. Your people are incredibly kind and generous, we cannot thank them enough. Three paws up to all of you!!!!!! xoxo

    • tpodmom
      8:16 pm - 1-23-2013

      Thank you! There are so many amazing stories of strength and survival throughout the TriPawds Nation. While my story is a little different than most because I was born a natural tripawd, my mom hopes to learn from everyone else. She lost a pet a few years ago to bone cancer so she knows what others are dealing with and that it can be a bit overwhelming at times. She has many concerns for me as well like keeping my weight down and protecting my “good” leg from breaking down over the years or being injured.
      Thank you for the warm welcome and all you have done to Unite the Tripawds around the world!

  7. mybailey
    8:09 pm - 1-23-2013

    What an amazing story! And, what an adorable pup! Thanks for sharing your story!

    • Dave
      3:07 am - 9-4-2013

      OMG, your story brought a tear to our eyes. Sooooo glad you are back home with your birth mom. Your are so special and inspirational to all of us “Humans”. You will live forever in our hearts.

  8. chilidawg
    3:53 pm - 1-24-2013

    What a great story! We are so happy you are home with your birth family!

    Spirit Chili Dawgs pack

  9. Teresa
    11:15 pm - 9-6-2013

    I love this story with a happy ending that brought tears to my eyes. I wish every doggy that has been abandoned finds his /her loving and kind human family as Tpod did <3 Live you TPod !

  10. kathy
    5:29 am - 9-28-2013

    you are such a brave dog ! and I am also so glad that you are home with your family πŸ™‚

  11. Kendra
    10:31 pm - 11-1-2013

    I’m am planning on adopting a newborn tripod puppy; she is one of a litter of 8 (9 really, 1 didn’t make it) and was born without her front right leg. I’m so glad to have found this blog; most of the sites I’ve seen focus on amputees. Do you know of any additional websites or resources that talk about puppies born with 3 legs? Thanks for this blog. It’s great.

    • tpodmom
      10:44 pm - 11-1-2013


      Thanks for the post! I am always on the lookout for info. about natural born tripawds but I have
      to say that the most informative site is the site. Yes you are correct that it is mostly directed
      towards amputees there is a lot of useful information that helps us “naturals” as well. My tpod mom is always
      available to answer questions if she can.

      I’m not sure if you are on Facebook but if you are you can friend me at or like
      my fan page She is always posting things she finds and us 3 leggers there.

      She would be more than happy to send you anything direct as well. So glad that the family that has this little lady
      decided she was a keeper. So many people don’t and its sad because life on three legs can be great…..especially when
      we have a great human.

      Is she a front amputee or a rear? Please keep in touch and send us some pics if you can.

      TriPod and tpod mom

  12. kelley
    11:30 pm - 12-4-2013

    Hey there tpod! My boys name is Trio and he is also a natural born tripawd! I loved seeing your pictures, and am so happy that you are home and loved! I am sure you all would get along great. He is a chocolate lab. You can read more about him here: and


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