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The Life of TriPod – a natural born tripawd Golden Retriever

Oct 09

Team TriPod Fans

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Hi Friends and Fellow Tripawds!

Since it’s been awhile I thought I would drop in and say Hi, Hello, How are Ya?

These past few weeks I have been a busy busy little tpod!

I went to Huntington Beach with tpod mom and my Auntie Muncie and got to watch the surf dog competition. It was pretty cool! Those dogs are amazing!

I bet tpod mom had to tell my story at least a dozen times or more! She ALWAYS tells everyone to visit the site if they haven’t. A lot of people already know about it and we have met several people with tripwads who didn’t and they thanked us for telling them about it.

While I was there I got to meet Beans the Whippet and watch her surf. Beans is deaf and looks to her ma for signs on what to do. Some of you may already follow her on Facebook but if not you should…..she is PAWsome and very funny !You can follow her here:

It was pretty neat because I have never been there before but there were people all over the beach who knew me! I kept hearing “Hey there’s TriPod…or look TriPod’s here!” Had my picture taken with lots of my Facebook friends and even had one of the judges from the surf dog competition ask to take a pic with me. Pretty crazy huh?

Lots of people (even surf dudes) kept asking “does he surf?” Probably because I had on my Ruffwear Float coat. Hey if your going to the beach you have to be ready to catch a wave right ?! Which I did of course. I don’t surf but I bet I could float on one of those boards if someone would go out with me 😉

I also got to meet Angel Buddy Golden’s mom. He was a tripawd as well. He was rescued by the Southern California Golden Retriever Rescue. They and a booth at the event so I met lots of the volunteers. What they do is so special.

The day before the surf dog event I got to meet Surf Dog Ricochet and go swimming with her and Rina. Ricochet is one amazing pup! She surfs with disabled children and wounded warriors. She has so far raised over $300,000 for these causes. Her story is just as amazing. Another great pup to follow on Facebook.

Speaking of Facebook… may have heard about them deleting friend based pet accounts. It’s true! I have had several of my fur friends loose their accounts. I still have mine as of now but just in case they zap me…. tpod mom set-up my fan based account. You can follow me at:

Until next time my friends!


“Saving the world….one hop at a time!”

saving the world

Baby Tpod

“Living life to the fullest……one hop at a time”


Aug 28

Greetings to all of my fellow Tripawds!

I can’t believe that I haven’t posted here since May!!

tpod mom is dropping the ball….I need to have a talk with her!

While I haven’t posted in awhile please know that I do check in and read many of your posts and see them on the Tripawds Facebook page.

I rejoice at the victories and cry over ever fight that is lost……this is such an PAWmazing community which I am so proud to be a part of……everyone here is to be commended for all of the love and support that is shared with each other. We truly are family!

I have come to know many of you even better through my Facebook page as we share stories and adventures. Those of you who I haven’t I invite you to come on over and join us.

My life has changed so much since I came home to my tpod mom last year. I am a busy boy! I go to work everyday, get to take trips to the beach, have participated in a few fundraisers (and hope to do more), been to Golden Retriever meet-ups, participated in Goldens in the Park (I even retrieved a tennis ball and brought it back to tpod mom in front of hundreds of people, I was on the news that night) and overcome my reservations of new places/people (for the most part).

Life is good on three legs.

I just want all of you who are or who have had to deal with canine cancer to know that tpod mom and I keep you all in our thoughts and prayers. We are currently exploring ideas on how I can do fundraisers to help the fight against canine cancer. I may only be one little three legged dog who can’t make a big difference but if I make a difference for even one dog then for that one dog it will be big.

T.G.F.T. – see previous post for meaning 😉

Mr. T.

“living life to the fullest… hop at a time”

tpod beach



May 16

The TPod Challenge is complete… human’s have sent the donation to the Tripawds Nation and we would like to thank everyone who voted for me!

Thank you to all of the people at who keep this site up and running. It is such an amazing means of support for so many.

While my situation is a little different than most that are I am just as touched by all who are here and have received so much inspiration from so many.

Look for future “TPod Challenges”  to help Tripawds and Cancer Research.

T.G.F.T (Thank God for Tripawds)

As always I am “Living Life to the Fullest…..One Hop at a Time”

Mr. T

tpod beachBaby Tpod



May 10

Thanks to all that voted for me! I finished in 4th place and my family will be sending a donation to the Tripawds Nation!

I want to share the following email with all of you that I received from the nice people at Cru Vin Dogs. Thought this was pretty cool especially the part at the very end!


Hi TriPod!

What a beautiful and heart-warming story you have!  I’m so happy to hear you are now living happily with your furever family, one hop at a time! 🙂

We would like to thank you very much for being a part of our “Golden Moment” contest.  And more importantly, thank you for all your support of Cru Vin Dogs, The Golden Retriever Lifetime Study, and your wonderful canine charities.  As you know, every bit of help counts, and you obviously go above and beyond to support such great causes.  We were overwhelmed with amazing stories of Golden Moments, but yours is certainly a beautiful one.  It really reminds us of how much our canine best friends bring joy into our lives every day –  making every day a “golden” one!

Although not originally part of our contest, your story really captured our hearts, and obviously the hearts of many.  Tripod is not only one of the cutest dogs I’ve ever seen, but what a great story as well!  I’m a sucker for happy endings! We’d love to send you a $25 Cru Vin Dogs gift card, as a token of our love and gratitude.  Just let us know your address.

Again, thank you very much for your support and sharing your favorite “Golden Moment” with us.


-From all of us at the Cru Vin Dogs Wine Group


Also, I wanted to let you know that I have a great friend who has a TriPawd and I forwarded the tripawd site info to her.  She’s very excited.  She had no idea there was a tripawd community!

Thanks again for sharing.  What a great story!


Amber Grove

Marketing and Charity Accounts
Cru Vin Dogs Wine Group


“Tracking Down Great Wines For Good Causes”

THANKS again for all of your votes… was fun!

Mr. T (TriPod)

“Living life to the fullest…one hop at a time”

Add me to your Facebook to keep up with my latest news and adventures!

Baby Tpodmrt bean bag


Apr 16

My human family REALLY wants to donate the $300 to TRIPAWDS NATION but we need your help!

If I stay in the top “FOUR” my human family will personally donate the $300 BUT the challenge is I need to stay in the top “FOUR“.

At this time I am in 4th place. If I should make it to 3rd and get selected as the winner
my humans will still donated the prize money of $300 and match it with their own…that could be $600 for the Tripawds Nation.

So many of us rely on for support and information….please show your support and make sure we always have this valuable resource!

Please go to: VOTE HERE scroll to the bottom of my story and vote.

You can vote once a day…..


Mr. T (TriPod)

“Living life to the fullest…one hop at a time”

Add me to your Facebook to keep up with my latest news and adventures!

Baby Tpodmrt bean bag


Apr 13

Yes even our beloved tripawds can come across the occasional skunk.

I discovered this first hand a couple of months ago. Mr T and his mom, Dakota, decided they would go play with the cute little black and white kitty in the back of our property. Well as you may have guessed….it was not cute and it was not a kitty. Dakota got the worst of it but TriPod was right in the mix.

From past experience I knew the whole tomato juice thing didn’t work very well. So after a Google search we found the same formula as stated in the article below. It DOES work but just be careful to not get it in their eyes or let them swallow any (as stated in the article).

Of course, this was about 10:30 at night and we had to rush to the store before they closed to get what we need to de-skunk them.

Believe it our not once they were dry we were able to smell there coats up close and personal and there was no hint of skunk. We did have to double the recipe as they are larger dogs.

We now keep a “skunk kit” on hand just in case. Better safe than sorry.

Baby Tpodmrt bean bag


Mr. T………..”living life to the fullest… hop at a time”

Don’t forget to vote for Mr. T in the Cru Vin Wine Contest. VOTE HERE  If he stays in third place we will be donating $300 to the Tripawds Nation. We have some tough compition creeping up on him. You will need to scroll to the bottom of his story to vote.

You can vote once a day through the end of April. Please vote and share!


Apr 05

T.G.I.F…..Yes it is Friday but more importantly T.G.F.T. …..Thank God for Tripawds!


The love and devotion of a dog or cat is something that is unsurpassed by anything or sometimes anyone else.They accept us unconditionally and love us no matter who we are. They just love us for loving them.

But the love and devotion of a Tripawd goes above and beyond that of most animals. They put complete and total trust in us to provide for them and make the right decisions for them. Sometimes those decisions are not easy and often involve heartbreak for us as owners. The rewards we receive back from them cannot be measured in words … is the look in their eyes, the smile on their faces, the nudge of a wet nose or                      just the opportunity to sit and pet their soft coats.

Whether your baby is a Tripawd because of amputation, accident or birth defect they came into your life for a reason. You were chosen because you are special enough to have enough love and devotion to care for a Tripawd. So feel honored…..even if your time        together is not as long as you would like………because you were bestowed the honor of being loved by a Tripawd and will forever hold that feeling in your heart!

So everyday remember  ……….T.G.F.T

~Denna and Mr. T (TriPod)~

“Living life to the fullest…………one hop at a time”

Baby Tpodmrt bean bag

Baby TriPod………………………………all grown up and in his favorite bean bag!



Apr 04

The TPod Challenge ~

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After re-reading the rules TPod (Mr. T) only needs to stay in the top three and can still possibly win. Here is the challenge part: Keep the votes coming….and if he wins the $300 goes to the Tripawds Nation….if does not win but is still in the top three his family will personally donate $300 to the Tripawds Nation! So keep those votes coming!
Vote Here
(you will need to scroll down to the bottom to vote)

TriPod (Mr. T.)

“Living life to the fullest……… hop at a time”

Tripawds Rule!
Apr 04

We are happy so say we are currently in 3rd place and gaining ground! Please remember you can vote once a day through the end of April. Mr. T and I would love to be able to donate the prize money back to the Tripawds Nation. This is such a wonderful group of people and pets. So many inspiring stories have been shared and so many tears have been shed. We want to help in anyway we can to be sure there is always a place where those struggling with questions have somewhere to turn to for answers and support. Please help Mr. T (TriPod) reach his goal!

Vote Here!

Thanks~Denna and Mr. T~

“Living life to the fullest……one hop at a time”


Apr 02

Hi All~

Mr. T has entered a Golden Retriever photo contest and if he wins he has requested that the $300 prize be donated to!

We know how much work goes into keeping this amazing site up and running and hope to help in any way we can.

Please take time to cast your vote and share the link. We will keep you posted if he wins!

Cast Your Vote Here!

Thanks so much

Denna and Mr. T


Baby Tpod